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Strange and Stupid Inventions

Strange and Stupid Inventions

In today’s all-time number of new inventions that help us in everyday life. large number of inventions is very useful and good, but there are those that are very unusual and smiles. Of course there are those inventions that are very stupid and very dangerous to humans and the environment. Here you can see some very strange invention of man-made.

If you want your bike apart from others and to have better handling and better steering wheel you can use the steering wheel of your old car and you’ll most amazing rider with an incredible bike.

If you have a problem with your remote control for your TV or do not want to spend your money on batteries for it the ideal solution is to take your bat and change the channel. This way you will not have a problem spending money for batteries.

If you have a naughty baby who is always coming out of his bed for the baby you can set an amazing invention around her bed, which will inform you about each baby’s movement. If your baby starts to get out there is a protective barrier that also provides sensors that notify you that the baby started coming out.

We know that last year was a lot of rainfall and a large number of floods. People have devised many inventions in order to be able to move through the flooded parts of their city. Here is one amazing solution for deep water on your street.

If you are in India or any of the desert where you can find a large number of animal skeleton you can use it in various ways. If you need transportation and you can make such an unusual bike.

In this picture we see how this resourceful man who wants to dye his house.

One very simple, and very necessary invention to make you feel like you’re in a movie theater seat. with such a stand for your time sitting next to your beautiful top will be much more comfortable.

This is really crazy, this iron has not been seen for a few dollars and get a pot and iron. This invention each of us has in his house so that we can now to try whether you can iron the shirt with a pot of food.

If you’re a big fan of good music and your mp3 payer is broken here is a solution for your attach or paste your lap top for you and enjoy the music.

This toothbrush is quite simple, but when the hook for this toy and that it can vibrate The nurse and this is a very useful invention.

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