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Weird Marriage Proposal

Weird Marriage Proposal

Take your girlfriend to a place where you had the first meeting. Go back memories, talk about feelings that you had then, and say something like: “We spent a wonderful time together, I think we are ready to make the next step in our common journey. I hope you will show me the honor and trust that you will marry for me. ”

Božoć a great time for the proposal. Hang the box with a ring as an ornament on the Christmas tree. When you open the last gift, say: “Look, here’s another gift.”

Another Christmas idea could be interesting. Wrap small kutić ring in a much larger box so it looks as if the gift is very large. When there is a small box, kneel, as if you look and what to Propose a

Play a game of repetition and continuation words. At one point, when you turn on, repeat and continue the sentence with: “Will you marry me”

Hunt-or “hot-cold” is a great and fun way to propose to the girl. When you approach the place where you hide the box with a ring and let her approach the moment to find the box.

Write: “Will you marry me” in the place where it would not be expected. Glue magnetic letters on the fridge, stick fluorescent stars on the ceiling, red lipstick print on the mirror.

Make a path from the entrance to the box with a ring. For example, the way you can sprinkle rose petals or scented candle set.

Create messages and set them to different places in the house. For each message and write something nice as you like on your girl, and where to look for the next message. When it comes to the last message say: “For all these reasons and many others, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Hožeš you marry me”.

Buy a box of chocolate candy and a candy replace the ring.

Rent a balloon flight and when you’re high, leave a long inscription to be flown to you. “Will you marry me?”

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