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10 Unknown Destinations

10 Unknown Destinations

Sometimes, great places on Earth remain unvisited because of lack of publicity, unawareness or maybe just people’s ignorance.  That’s why a great vacation involves careful planning and documentation.

Here are 10 great destinations which that are part of the UNESCO patrimony:

The Goree Island, Senegal

Once great center of slave trading on the African coast, this island which is not far from Dakar, serves today as a memorial of human exploitation.

The Bialowieza forest, Belarus

This area between Belarus and Poland serves as the only remaining example of the forests that originally covered Europe. It hosts a number of animals out of which we can mention : the linux, european buffalos and and otters.

The archeological site in Cyrene, Libya

Once a great  Hellen city, it was hit by a devastating earthquake in AD 365.

Pirin National Park, Bulgaria

Located in the south-vest of Bulgaria, this national park covers a great numbers of lakes, waterfalls,caves and pine forests.

Quseir Amra, Jordania

A well preserved 8th century desert fortress. It houses a number of great wall paintings and various ornaments.

Tsingy Bemaraha National Reservation , Madagascar

A forest of calcareous peaks (some of which have the height of 300-400 meters)

Visby, Sweeden

This is maybe one of the best preserved Medieval Towns in Scandinavia. It has been the residence of the Hanseatic League.

The Historic Neighbourhood of Sacremento, Uruguay

The oldest town in Uruguay, Sacremento hosts a great number of large markets,  roman roads and spectacular Spanish-colonial buildings.

New Lanark, Scotland

This settlement was developed like a model for industrial towns by Robert Owen.

Salzkammergut, Austria

Salzkammergut is a resort in Austria, where the prosperity is highly related to the salt exploitations in the area. The wealth of the area has bought a great architectural design.

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