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Extreme Road

Extreme Road

In the Chinese province of Hunan, there is an extremely tortuous path, which is also called the Way to Heaven. It begins 200 feet below sea level, in Dajong and ends at a dizzying 1300 meters above sea level, climbing up the mountain Tianmen. Construction was completed 2006th , and lasted eight years.

If you do not want to try driving this route, you are left to go by cable car which goes from town up the mountain Dajonga Tianmen. The Chinese claim that this is the longest cableway in the world, over seven kilometers long. The Chinese call it the path of 99 bends to the pure superstition in China’s lucky number nine, it is believed that heaven consists of nine castles.

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  1. You really should provide credit to the original photographers. In this case, me.
    Your facts about the road are fascinating – but completely wrong. The lowest point in China is only 150m below sea level and that’s nowehere near Hunan.

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