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Gold rises on the eucalyptus tree

Gold rises on the eucalyptus tree

Australian researchers claim to have found an unusual way to find out if there is the presence of gold at great depths. And with the help of tiny marks on the leaves of eucalyptus wood. It is known that eucalyptus trees that grow in arid areas, and they need plenty of water and thus provide what their roots very deep in the ground, penetrating even layers of rich gold deposits and gold where drawing water absorbing microscopic particles of gold that travels through the tree until leaves.

Australian researchers have studied the eucalyptus trees that grow on the two gold deposits in southern and western Australia, using X-rays of leaves, twigs, bark and soil. Scientists have managed to record very low amounts of gold and exclusively on the leaves of the highest parts of the plant. Otherwise, according to the World Gold Council (WGC), since the beginning of civilization, the country was removed more than 174,000 tons of gold.

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