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Look like Christmas trees around the world

Look like Christmas trees around the world

The most expensive Christmas tree

The most expensive Christmas tree is located in the United Arab Emirates. The most expensive Christmas tree in the world is located in the Golden Hall “Emirates Palace”, the jewelry ovouj trees has a total value of 11.4 million dollars.  Tree the jewelry contains 181 diamond, sapphire, emerald and pearl 131 total piece of jewelry when you see looks amazing.

Modern Christmas tree Belgians

Modern Christmas tree Belgians

Belgians have decided that their tree also shines, but the “right” light. On the main square in Brussels, which is adorned every year natural Christmas tree, build a modern, abstract light installation. Every night Brussels center gets flooded with light due to a variety of light show effects that this monumental “tree” provides. The images and colors are shifting to the accompaniment of music, so it’s a complete delight for visitors. A special feature is the ability of panoramic viewing from the top of the tree that offers spectacular views of the capital city of Belgium.

Christmas tree $ 4.2 million

Golden Tree by Disney $ 4.2 million

Jeweler Ginza Tanaka of Japan has decided to make a Christmas tree worth $ 4.2 million. Simply put, he made ​​a golden New Year’s tree in collaboration with Japanese outposts “Disney” studies, all on the occasion of 110th birthday this house. Fifty-popular Disney characters cast in gold jewelers skillful hand, the New Year’s decorations at the golden tree.

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