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The greatest pirate in history was a Chinese woman from brothel

The greatest pirate in history was a Chinese woman from brothel

While back in 1801. Ravaged Chinese Canton, pirate named Zheng Ji ordered his people to him from a local brothel prostitute brought Zheng Yi Sao , which would mean the wife of Jia Zheng . It is expected that the common fate befall – rape and summary executions – it turns out that the fate wanted otherwise.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century pirates Zhen Jia were the terror of the China Sea Zheng Ji wanted to marry a girl that prospects were relatively limited , she agreed , but on condition that she be allowed to take part in its affairs . While her husband served pirated ” duty” – looting and drinking rum – it is dedicated to the conduct of business , school management and diplomacy . The result was impressive : in just six years has reached an alliance between Zheng Jia and his rivals , has created a fleet of 1,500 ships called Fleet of red flags, and an empire that stretched from Korea to Malaysia. Zheng Ji was killed in a typhoon in 1807. , But Zheng Yi Sao did not withdraw , but he took command of the fleet of red flags, confident in the support of the first officers of her late husband . It quickly became the most respected figure in the East , from which they all trembled .


Lik Mistress Ching and her crew in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End ” is based on the legend of the Chinese Zheng Ji piratkinji In movies , books and video games pirates are portrayed as a bunch of savages , who were related to women extremely primitive. In order to discipline his men , Zheng Yi Sao , however , established a new pirate code. Anyone who is robbed in a city that is already paid tribute , he would be punished by beheading and thrown into the ocean . No head to stay and anyone who would steal something from the treasure chest or a suspect in this case . Rape prisoner was also punished by beheading , a rowdy would in this case be thrown into the ocean .

Mistress Ching , based on the character Zheng Ji , in “Pirates of the Caribbean” starred Takajo Fisher After only a year of Zhen Ji Sao has made one of the greatest navy in the world , with under its command were about 17,000 men . Extortion of tribute from merchants in the China Sea and the coastal towns between Macao and Canton , her fortune has grown to enormous proportions , and it had so much power that it virtually became a power in the region.


She was not only piratkinja , but also political institutions. It is understood that the car Qing dynasty (whose dynasty was taken as the name of mistress pirates in the third part of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” ) , was not pleased with her ability to undermine and perhaps his authority and ordered the Imperial Navy to ever deal with the pirates. But Zheng Yi Sao not only defeated the kings of power , but was captured 63 of his ship , and many of his people to persuade her to join. The great success of her , however , did not hit in the head . Car is sick and tired of losing , offered in 1810. Amnesty for all pirates led Zheng Yi Sao – if they agree to make peace .

Knowing that good luck will follow forever , Zheng Yi Sao voluntarily villages to the negotiating table and brokered the best possible retirement. She and most of her pirates are pardoned , and Zheng Yi Sao kept their treasures . Since the last time you agreed with boat, married to the first officer’s ex-husband and 35 year retired to live on the mainland , where he opened a casino and brothel. By the time she died (she was 69 years old, which in the 19th century was the advanced age ) , it was not only a living legend , but also a mother and grandmother .

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