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3D Street Art by Joe Hill and Max Lowry

Joe Hill and Max Lowry are amazing artists street or sidewalk give a new dimension and enlivens the environment. They are with 3D street art beautify the streets and sidewalks in the whole world painted incredible waterfall falling from Read More »

Otter plays basketball

This amazing animals play basketball. Edi’s sea otter who suffers from arthritis. Veterinarians who treat this animal have suggested that stretching is essential for this otter. People from the zoo that kept this otter decided to learn to play basketball. This smart animals daily train basketball. Read More »

Man eat and drink the weirdest things

Hello everyone get to know a man who eats Kris Shui eating and drinking very weird things. He is a man who is willing to not only unusual thing than a man who can eat and drink a lot in a short time. He eats and drinks pen, stones, silicon, waxed paint, shampoo, candles, toilet paper, cardboard boxes and a ... Read More »

Crazy and Funny wake up people

If you thought that you find it difficult to wake up, the experiences of these people will undeceive. In the footage you can see what it looks like standing up to the sound of firecrackers, with mousetraps on the ears or with a bunch of cans on it. Friends or partners certainly know how to surprise. The worst is when ... Read More »

Painted with food ready to eat

If you are tired of boring red apples, roasted turkey or chocolate chip cookies, in Hamburg, Germany, was designed Esslack food dye to color spray products directly from a container. According to the developers, the dye is harmless, and is suitable for food, even children. She does not have its own taste and smell. Now everyone can diversify their culinary ... Read More »

Amazing six year old girl breakdancing

Incredible performance breakdance girls six year old  ‘B-girl Terra’ from the United Kingdom. It was completely demolished the competition during the Chelles Battle Pro “Baby Battle” in France this past Sunday. It was his incredible dance moves and delighted everyone. Read More »

Banana Art

A growing number of new ideas in the art world. Here’s how to make the perfect banana art. At the bananas with a needle peel the characters are celebrities. Read More »