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Stunning Jellyfish Pictures

Jellyfish (also known as jellies or sea jellies) are free-swimming members of the phylum Cnidaria. They have several different morphologies that represent several different cnidarian classes including the Scyphozoa (over 200 species), Staurozoa (about 50 species), Cubozoa (about 20 species), and Hydrozoa (about 1000-1500 species that make jellyfish and many more that do not). The jellyfish in these groups are ... Read More »

Cute Animals Smaller Than Your Finger

I just stumbled across this awesome photo gallery with cutest animals clutching and climbing over fingers. A true cuteness overdose! It’s ridiculous how cute they are. ^_^ In our country has a large number of animals are very dangerous, some large, there are those that are very small and cute             Read More »

Creative Bags Designs

Stop going down the street unnoticed! These bags will sure make your boring shopping hours more fun, for you and for the ones seeing you. In the world there are a large number of different bags, and a new design every day. We are constantly making new bags with different size, color, design.             Read More »

Me mother Sleepwalking

In our lives constantly occur unusual things that many times are not recorded or photographed. The boy shot his mother in the house Sleepwalking. She’s sleeping and walking and responds to his many questions. This is the first time that someone made Sleepwalking to walk and how to behave somnambulist walking while asleep. After filming the video was prepared to show her mother ... Read More »

Russia School Girl Kicks Teacher In Groin

In one school children in Russia were filmed teacher who was very nervous about the lack of knowledge to their students. This Russian teacher is yelling at his disciples and told her that nothing could remember. The girl was scared  in front of him did not move and he kept quiet. When the teacher pointed to the finger njnu head ... Read More »

Celebrity tattoos

Tattoos are very popular in the last ten years, the art of the tattoo, which is many years . Tattooing is a need to be different and to show all of their attitudes or something else. Each has its own attitude why some tattooed tattoo for each course, each individual has a particular meaning. Like everyone else, and our famous ... Read More »

Cars hid in a hole

On all streets and highways throughout the country there are various obstacles and unexpected situations that interfere with car drivers. One of the big problems is of course the big holes that damage your car. Surely you happen to be while driving your car in front of you on the trails up the big hole that you just can not ... Read More »

The battle on the football field

Is it possible that football is so much dirty sport where they are allowed, and these pieces. Most of these moves no sports Judge punished by a yellow or red card, penalty and of course if such an attack occurs on an opponent in front of the opponent’s goal. The question is how many of those punches and the fight ... Read More »