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Weird Matchstick Design

These beautiful works of art are the result of precise work with thousands of tiny colorful games they used to play familiar faces again and legendary deeds. It only takes a few seconds and sends the flames up to 6ft in the air and leaves a charred version of the original, but the 55-year-old  says he is not destroying his ... Read More »

Disney Stars then and now

Disney Stars including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguiliera, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. They have in common that all made their first successful steps from Disney club. Through the years, let’s see Disney Stars then and now in this article. Some of the personal are now big stars, some are known for better times, some have fallen clear … ... Read More »

Weird portrait photography

Believe me, this is not photoshop. Bored with all the usual poses, Tadas Černiauskas (Lithuanian photographer), I decided to do something completely different. What’s more surprising is that many people decided to go along with him. Exercise is simple enough, but produce unique results. Each model is made to stand in front of a really strong current of air continued ... Read More »

Naomi Campbell going bald

Shocking photos have visited the world - model Naomi Campbell is almost completely bald! 42-year-old Naomi was taken during a holiday in Ibiza and the front part of her head is almost completely bald. Dr. Alan Bauman is the ABC television said that Campbell suffers from alopecia caused by insertions of hair. Read More »

Alarm clock with the smell of bacon

There is nothing more beautiful than the smell of bacon fried at any time of day. Have you ever thought, that would be you smell that wakes up every morning and wish you a delicious and smell day? The inventors of the device called the Wake n ‘Bacon, believe that the smell of fried bacon that could all wake up from ... Read More »

The best cartoon “The Line”

Line (Italian: La Linea) is a cartoon Italian author Osvaldo Cabandoli. Cartoon is peculiar in that it is actually a version of the line, infinite line that runs from right to left, and "distorts" to the place where the man, who can do something, moving from right to left, by the way commenting on something - cartoonist. Read More »

Amazing design of police shoes

We know that civilians are not allowed to wear certain uniforms such as those of the police force , but here’s something that the fashion police wouldn’t mind seeing – the conceptual 3D Stiletto Police. Read More »