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Best of Women’s American football

There is a growing popularity of women’s football. The first official women’s football league formed in 2001 under the name Women’s American Football League (WAFL). The rules are exactly the same as in the men’s American football. The only difference is that the ball is slightly smaller. allowed to join the men’s female player of the team. The first female ... Read More »

Flying Disc Dog Sport

The sport originated 1970th that year the sport has become very popular Frisbee. 5th August 1974th Akejs Stein and his dog were on one If a baseball game when the A; els Stein threw a frisbee on the field and his dog rushed and at high speed is a high-jumped and grabbed the Frisbee. Bublik was delighted with catching frisbees. Read More »

5 Most Handsome Men in the World

We have a new list of most handsome men in the world. Glam Magazine’s list of published 5 sexiest men in the world. The leading first is Robert Pattinson in the second position after the Taylor-Lotner him in third place is Joni Dep ions on the fourth place player Deivid Beckham and the fifth young actor Zac Efron. For these ... Read More »

10 Best Female Pop Singers

10 best female pop singer who is currently on the music scene. Singer has a lot of which are very good but their image can be expected soon on our website. Madonna. Rihanna Lady Gaga Jennifer Lopez Pink Mariah Carey Gwen Stefani Christina Aguilera Britney Spears Sakira Read More »

Funny animals

Here you can find pictures Funny owls, cats, dogs, monkey, frog. These animals are very unusual and very funny. Animals constantly doing something unusual and funny every day we see an animal that does something unexpected. Read More »

Ron Mueck’s Amazing Sculptures

Ron Mueck began his career working on the Australian children's television program Shirl's Neighbourhood. He was the creative director and made, voiced and operated the puppets Greenfinger the Garden Gnome, Ol' Possum, Stanley the snake and Claude the Crow amongst many others. Read More »