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5 female celebrities strong body

Sex and the City star is trying too hard for the youthful bodies of her 40s. The arms and the veins look very unattractive. Madonna can give all these ladies a run for their money. Madonna officially has the ugliest arms in female showbiz. I don’t even think I should comment on her photo. Her arms speak for themselves. ctress ... Read More »

Russian girls kiss all women police officers

Russian group of street kiss all women police officers of course police officers were very surprised when the next term to create a girl with a little story goes to kiss, some female officers stood by and did not know what happens to them while some also used force to defend probably the fire baton. The girls who attacked a ... Read More »

Look At The Best Dresses Actress Oscar 2011

Many people live for the day in Hollywood when the red carpet appear those who have watched all year on television as actors and celebrities. A big interest and how those celebrities look like on the red carpet. Every year, attracted great interest the appearance of actress Oscars always see the most beautiful and interesting clothes, rarely happens that someone ... Read More »

Funny Way And Place Of Sleep

Who knows why these people had to sleep in such places, they probably were on a break for lunch and the snoozing little. And of course when we sleep at home asleep with honey or a pet but do not sleep with the car or engine in the bed. It happens to fall asleep on the bus but can not ... Read More »

Magneto Man

Unbelievable and amazing to see this man magnet, when I saw the headline in the newspaper I thought the superhero from the cartoon and the comic book hero. When I found the clip I saw was a man magnet that is not a super hero, but he is just beautiful all metal body that’s funny .. Read More »

Double meaning of photography

Double meaning of photography is when one acts to happen is another action that is expected, order those who are in the center of events are not even aware of what is happening, of course, in some situations, we know exactly what we want to photograph. these photos can help themselves  doing something interesting. If you are not interested in ... Read More »

Drawing on the female body

The real question is who is more to enjoy in this, the one who draws or one on which the line. Of course here is not in the exercise but it is a direction in art. As the tattoo art that is the draw for body art. Read More »

Amazing Phone The Kambala

Don’t get so confused, the Kambala is a mobile phone that transforms to a earphone as well. Pop the center piece and the earpiece clip pings out; clip this to your ear, and you got a phone-earphone! Multilayered Polymer which hosts all the electronic components is used in its construction. A continuous flexi-screen with plenty of sensors makeup the surface ... Read More »

Amazing race Robot in Japan

THE world’s first full-length marathon for two-legged robots kicked off in Japan today, with toy-sized humanoids due to run 42km over four days. The machines began the non-stop race on a 100m indoor track in the city of Osaka after doing knee bends or raising their hands to greet spectators. The bipedal robots – the tallest of which measures 44cm ... Read More »