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96 years old indian man got a baby

96 years old indian man got a baby

Indian Ramajit Raghav again pips title of oldest dad at world.  This vital Indian got his son in 96 years.! Ramajit Raghav of Kharkhoda village. All who know  it is rare that someone has that same year, let alone think about posterity .

However it happened on 5 Ramađžit October has become the world’s oldest dad gotten a son in 96th years old. Actually the title of the world’s oldest dad’s got more in his 94 years of life, when his wife gave birth to their first son Sakuntala Vikramadžita. Them two have been married for 22 years old. Tada said he has enough for a child his age, but before 12 days ago and got a second son whom he named Randžita.

“What can I do?’s All God’s will. He wanted to get another son,” said Ramajit. When went to visit his wife and son Šakuntalu Randžita in the hospital, people laughed at him because they believed he was the father of the child . while neighbors in the village and still think that they are the biological parents of two sons that their children.


“No one can become a father at that age! Nobody can support a family of 4 members and that no funds or support from anyone,” said next-door neighbors and  Ramajit Raghav said that the neighbors jealous of it, good for his sex life. “believe that it is very important that the husband and wife have regular relationships and I think that very happy with me.”

Oldest dad in the world says that the vitality keeps feeding on milk, almonds and butter. Sometimes Ramajit was a wrestler now has a pension of 550 rupees, and occasionally his neighbors sometimes bring a little food, a blanket and a piece of clothing.

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