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Amazing Tree House

Amazing Tree House

People are gifted to be able to make amazing things. In order to make something incredible and must have an amazing idea. This is the Swiss family who built this amazing house on the tree had no idea how to build it but God demanded of them so that the devices and with God’s help, this house was finished. This God ‘built by the cook’s birth is very large and very strange guidelines will.

How to build and what are the Tree Houses …

Tree houses supported by stilts do not need the tree to take any of the weight stress of the building materials and potential strain and injury cased by puncture холеш. Stilts are typically anchored into the ground with concrete although new designs, such as the “Diamond Pier”, accelerates installation time and protects sensitive root systems. Stilts are the easiest method of supporting larger tree houses, and can increase structural support and safety. Adding stilts to tree houses built with other methods of support is an option to increase stability and safety.

Friction and tension fasteners are the most common method of securing tree houses. These include nails, screws and bolts. Because this method requires punctures in the tree, the fewest possible number of these should be utilized to minimize stress.Nails are generally not recommended to attach a tree house to a tree. A development called the treehouse attachment bolt which can support greater weights than earlier methods, is now commonly used by many tree house companies ворлдвиде.

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