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Children at the landfill

Children at the landfill

Improvised swing, hanging from a pole, there would be nothing if it were not dangerous within a landfill located along the railway in Mumbai, India, including leachate and toxic fumes. It is not a game that of survival, but also in the midst of a huge garbage dump this baby is the desire to jump and play.


Near the port of Manila, in the Philippines, Tondo is a gigantic slum, a sort of city born on waste one of the largest open-air dumps the whole world, the Smoky Mountain, which is the mountain that smokes, so called because vapors that rise from the waste. On this mountain of garbage from the nauseating stench over a million people live in shacks made with recycled materials, without water or sewage or electricity. For these people, the landfill is the only source of survival possible: it is here that we find the little they need to live, Ravana between the garbage dumped every day by hundreds of trucks in search of metals and plastics, waste more profitable, and paper, cardboard, glass and cans.

The different materials are separated and collected in bags that are then carried on the shoulders “down” to the villages: it is the raw material that goes into the chain of buyers and sellers that starts from small scavenger.


Children, you know, play with a little, but in this case the little they have is also dangerous. Jumping and diving can be great fun, but the White Mountains than in the imagination of this little girl who knows what wonderful world have become, are waste products of a tannery and soon to be chicken feed.

We are in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, in a slum in Hazaribagh: it is here that the luxury leather goods sold around the world, exposing workers – including children – to the dangerous chemicals used in manufacturing processes toxic carried out without any precautions.

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