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Incredible discovery of old timers

Incredible discovery of old timers

NY man retires. His wish was to use his retirement money and invest wisely, decided to buy a house and several acres of land in Portugal. The modest farmhouse was empty 15 years since the owner and his wife died.¬†As there were no heirs sold the house to pay their taxes. There are several buildings and barns, where the large steel doors and welded shut. Nobody wanted to go to the additional costs to see what was in the barn, but …… So, the offer is made without seeing what was in the barn. Having carried out a purchase he decided to move to a new property. They were very curious to see what was in the barn and therefore bought a generator and grinders to open the door of the barn. What is in a stable …?

For a long time trying to open a steel door. When he opened the door of the mystical stale see is something incredible. In this fit were placed oldtajmeri from different years and time and a very large number of different car brands.

Alfa Romeo, Opel, Ford, formula ….. and much of the various oldtimer . The value of this mystical fit more accurately the value of these cars from the past is invaluable. This man did not know that you find in this house¬†incredible and marvelous thing.

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  1. woow what nice collection

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