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Incredible performance of India Talent Show

Incredible performance of India Talent Show

An incredible performance in India I have talent. Group artists than a few people had an incredible performance I have the talent in India, they delighted the audience with his performance, but they are very frightened members of the jury.

The show started with a nice introductory sand and no one knew for what’s next below.They were hit by neon lamps naked body and ate the same bulbs and glass. One of the jury is very scared and screaming. While the man was lying on the ground they took a brick and put it on heavy hammers and breaking bricks. They took a very large trees and lit it and it had hit the breaking of his body. One of the members of the team were struck pointed hammer.

The most dangerous moment was when the car appeared stage who was going to trample over the man who is lying. While    the car’s body run over through the engine is moved it over his head. Rank a large number of neon bulbs, which jumped to one of their members. One of them is amazing he can withdraw his teeth the whole car.

At the end of his appearances lined up a large number of nails on the wooden planks. One term is laid on the ground and through him they put a board with nails and planks laid over the rage and yet they put him through the same type of boards after that is another lie.

When their performance is completed it was obvious that they were very happy and satisfied but their body and face were very bloody. Save performance was voted the best performance in India TV Show I have talent.

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