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Interesting facts about Facebook

Interesting facts about Facebook

Most people usually young people today are being used by Facebook social network established in 2004.  Through this network as most people know upload photos, write status, “liking” write messages I chat with other people. I have Facebook as a social network to influence our lives to a greater or lesser meri.
Facebook and nonetheless has some interesting facts that we believe most of you have not heard nor know. In below text block will read some of the interesting facts about Facebook …

We present you interesting facts about Facebook

1.  We believe that many people ever wondered why Facebook’s interface (colors on Facebook) is blue?  Answer lies a curious fact Mark Zakerberg is colorblind. He can discern red and green, and blue color seen best.

3.  Many Facebook users today may not remember the previous look of Facebook (2007). The home page is an image of man. The man was a young Al Pacino!

4.  Iceland’s new constitution written using Facebook.  Icelanders have done this to several people involved in the functioning of the state and could not enter comments and suggestions.

5 . Graffiti artist Dave Cho, who painted the headquarters of Facebook, when he had finished he was asked if he wanted to ment income received in cash or in shares. Dave opted for action is now in your account is $ 200 million.

6.  It is estimated that Facebook is responsible for 20 percent of divorces in the United States, while 25 percent left by users of the social network.

7 . The first name of the network was Facemash, and it was only later named Facebook. The site was purchased for $ 200,000 in August 2005. year.

8.  Facebook is a country, it would be the third largest, behind China and India.  Site has 900 million active users. (Not the total number, but keep active every day to access the site)

9.  300 million photos every day put on the most popular network – Facebook.Sveukupan number of images exceeds 219 billion, or about 4 percent of all pictures ever made in history.

10.  It sounds bizarre, and you know it, that 30 million accounts on Facebook belongs to the dead that dead people. There have been cases of murder for removing a friend from your profile.

11.  The year 2006. Chris Putnam hacked thousands of profile and set their MySpace interface. He was hired Facebook

12.  “Burger King” was a campaign in which he shared free hamburger if you delete 10 friends from Facebook. They wanted to send a message to users to know that they are less worthy than burgera.Kampanja was quickly canceled.

13.  Among children younger than 18 years the word “facebook” in third place among the concepts that kids often entered into search engines. Facebook is just behind Google and YouTube.

14 . Although primarily intended for students, people over 26 make up 60 percent of Facebook members.

15 . The average user spends per day on Facebook 55 minutes, click the “Like” button nine times a month and write 25 comments per month.

16 . The judiciary in the state of Florida ordered that judges and lawyers should not be Facebook friends.

17. Facebook currently has more than 550,000 active applications.

18 . People that use Facebook on their mobile phones are twice as active than those who use only by computer.

19 . Young people today generally accept all friend requests, so that among their “friends” can be found about 20 percent of people do not know.

20.  EU law facebook is totally illegal because it violates all possible human prava.Da not located in the U.S., hmm … who knows what to do now was to him …

21.  7 million apps and websites are integrated with social network-Facebook

22.  The most popular fan page on Facebook Pages Facebook is the king of pop Michael Jackson on the second page is Homer Simpson (https://www.facebook.com/TheSimpsons)

23.  Type or copy and paste in your browser the link www.facebook.com/4  will take you to the original page of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and if you replace the last number 5 and 6 get facebook profile Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz of Facebook’s co-founder.

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