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Medieval Helmets

Medieval Helmets

In the Middle Ages of European history periodization of 5 to 15th century century. The Middle Ages following the fall of the Western Roman Empire 476 and prior to the early modern period. It is the middle term of three periods of Western history division: classic, medieval and modern. Term “Middle Ages”, first appears in Latin in the 15th century and reflects the view that this period of deviation from the path of classical learning, the path that was later re-joined from Renaissance scholarship.

In the Middle Ages there were many struggles I am conquering territory. As the warriors looked in that time and how their armor looks. We have here some helmet from the Middle Ages.


King Leonidas Helmet

The helmet of King Leonidas from Frank Miller’s 300, the graphic novel, was developed by working closely from the source material and in direct consultation with Frank Miller; this helmet is made as he envisioned it.










Templar Knight Helm

Knight Templar of the United Marto helmets of the helmet, which is typically used by the crusaders, the Knights Templar, for the duration of the Crusades. Also called a pot head, given the similarity to the pot, to the head is designed to provide maximum protection possible to the head. However, since the border vision helmet, this helmet is also the use of the cavalry, especially during the Jousting tournament, where all the knight was a need to look forward. This head is made of steel and enriched with brass cross that marks the knight in the service of a religious order. They also led a series of cross traceries, which improve air flow inside the head.






Maximilian Helmet

Maximilian became Holy Roman Emperor in 1493 on the death of his father Frederick III. He was skilled at handling weapons and all forms of equestrian sport.






Roman Centurion Helmt

Galea was a Roman soldier in a helmet. Some gladiators, mirmillonis also wore a bronze mask with Galea and decoration, often a fish on greben.Tacan shape or design of the helmet varied significantly over time, between different types of units and individual examples – ancient military equipment not produced in assembly lines, but by hand, so it is not certain to what extent there was any standardization even under the Roman Empire.






Gladiator Helmet

This helmet you had a chance to watch the movie Gladiator. This Gladiator Helmet is constructed of sturdy 18 gauge mild carbon steel. It will never rust and does not need to be lubricated.







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