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Police Officer Abusing a Baby Squirrel

Police Officer Abusing a Baby Squirrel

A policeman sprayed the baby squirrel with a spray of self-defense, this little animal is not destroyed anything nor threatened someone and there was no reason for it to be spattered with spray. Students who have all this looked appalled and asked the officer not to do it. But he splashed a tiny squirrel. All this is happening in the city of Mesquite, Texas.


  1. Somebody needs to do that to him!!! How cruel. I hope he gets paid back for that.

  2. Fire the S.O.B.!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a jerk, I hope someone does that to him so he knows what it feels like. If he does something like this to a defenseless little animal, what will he do to a human being?

  4. Shame on you Policeman!!

  5. What a pigs PIG!!!! Erik Exner

  6. What a man!

  7. Disgusting. Spray the bastard human

  8. Why were all these stupid people standing there shouting why did they not grab the spray off this scum and sprayed it in his eyes. What an evil bastard this creep is. There is an example of the Police for you he should lose his job he is no better than any criminal.

  9. How heartless….spray the bum who’s spraying!

  10. That vain of gratuitous infliction of pain on an innocent animal calls into question his ability to serve with a gun in an authority position such as police officer. The police force should have far higher standards than this. Every single serial killer started with torturing small animals. That is not to say that every person who ever tortured an animal became a serial killer but no one wants a “protector of the peace” who finds enjoyment in inflicting pain and even killing a small animal. It is not normal behavior to say the least. If I lived in this town I would be more than a little concerned!

    • Doesn’t this town have a city service called “animal control” or even a dog catcher? Anyone even slightly familar with animals¬†could do a better job handling this vicious animal.¬†I’m sure there was someone else in that town that could have been called. Shame on whoever made the call for help and Shame on that big bad chicken ass cop!

  11. I agree totaly Anna!

  12. This man is nothing but a vicious bully who should never be allowed to be a police officer! It’s too bad that spraying his eyes with that spray would have caused a person to be arrested, because that’s the kind of treatment he deserves! Absolutely appalling!

  13. Male police officers, because they wear a badge and carry a big stick, think they have the right to inflict pain, due to their position. I think the gun is a substitute for a tiny dick. And a tiny brain, as this cruel action demonstrates.

    This asshole cop should be tazered, or have his head beat in with the butt end of his gun. What a complete jerk! Although the police often have a thankless job, there is no earthly reason to abuse an innocent, tiny little squirrel. What… was it him against the cop?? I would have absolute admiration and respect for the officer, had he tried to help the poor creature, by, perhaps, bringing him to a wildlife rehabilitation centre, or something. He should be stripped of his badge, but, of course, that would never happen. Instead, I’m sure there will be a lot of back-slapping going on back at the station.

    Why don’t you catch a criminal instead, you big, useless lug!!!!

  14. Edward "Little Hawk" Catterton

    This man, if he can be called a man, should not be allowed the right to be a law enforcement officer, a real man would never do such a terrible thing to any of Creators creatures let alone a defensless baby, what kind of a coward does this. I wish the person who took this footage would send it to YouTube and let it get more coverage, maybe then he will get whats coming to him, aho.

  15. Unfortunately,most cops are just thugs with badges! However, this IS Texas and, except for Austin, we know the I.Q. there is -4!

  16. Why didn’t anyone go over to help this squirrel? That is what is wrong with our world. I would not stand there and do nothing. It is obvious what kind of a digenerate this police officer is! Bullying an animal? How do they recruit these monsters to withhold the law? He is no better than pond scum.

  17. How does a rather big officer, go after an armed assailant, but is terrified of squirrels. For this officers safety, don’t put him in animal control. That could kill the big, tough, mans man. Everything is large in Texas, including the collective ignorance and stupidity.

  18. If anyone knows who this officer is and where exactly this is, we need to write to those town officials about this. Please, if someone knows, let me know and I’ll set up a letter!

  19. Abuse of animals is an offence, is it not? There are laws against such acts? Someone in the community where this footage was taken needs to file charges.

  20. If he wasn’t fired there is something wrong with that whole police force.
    “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection from the cruelty of human kind.” Mahatma Gandhi
    We are witnessing the cruelty of human kind.

  21. What an ignorant moron! He chases criminals all day long, but becomes completely unhinged with a baby squirrel! Seriously????? I’m sorry but is this the type personality you want on your law enforcement team???????

  22. What a fatty sadist. Cowardly sucker.

  23. What a woos,was he frightened by the baby squirel ,there seems to be a lack of understanding of how to treat animals in the American police force ,if they are not shooting an innocent dog ,they are spraying some other animal,why didn’t someone pick the baby up,I would have ,and worried about the consequences later ,any publicity might have shamed the officer.,why didn’t he pick it up and put it in a tree??


  25. Officer I sincerely hope that you read this.You will get your just punishment for behaving so cruelly. If you think that this kind of atrocious behaviour goes unnoticed and unpunished then you are very sadly mistaken. Just wait and see what happens to you over the next part of your life.

  26. Everybody disgusted by the actions of this idiot policeman should complain to the police and urge them to take action against him, otheriwse the whole force will be stained by his actions.I am in the UK and the story has been reported all over the world causing real anger.Please do not let him get away with it.

  27. This person is an abuser, he cannot be an officer.

  28. he should be fired and sprayed. animal abuse is a precursor to violence against people so a cop with this behavior is a true menace to society.

  29. this HUGE SLOB uses pepper spray on a BABY – non threatening SQUIRREL??? What a guy – fire his fat ass but before they do put him up against someone his OWN size and see how HE SQUEELS!

  30. This is a case of deliberate sadistic abuse of a tiny creature by a macho human. This man is totally lacking compassion and kindness and reflects very poorly upon humanity and the police. he must be punished and removed from his job at once without pay or benefits.

  31. He’s a psychopath and a menace to his community!! He needs to be put away!

  32. This is discusting! Not one person tried to rescue the baby squirrel. They all just stood by an watched. i don;t get it???? I Pray the lil guy got away safely! That officer should be charged with “Animal Cruelty”

    He’s a sick, twisted man who needs to be arrested!

  33. I hope somebody makes this disgusting scum bag suffer one day just like the poor little baby squirrel suffered!! This sorry excuse of a man and of a police officer should be fired from the police force and charges should be pressed against him. Big fat peace of crap! What is he going to do next? Maybe hurting a child or any other helpless creature. People like him are sickening me!

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