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Seller of fake accounts on Twitter earns $ 128,000 a year!

Seller of fake accounts on Twitter earns $ 128,000 a year!

If you arrive daily emails with an offer to buy followers on Twitter, there is a good reason for it. It turns out that this is a profitable business. James Clegg, who leads several major works of this kind, in the past ten months, earned $ 128,000, reports the media.

He went so well that he even quit his day job. Take thirteen sites that offer fake followers on social networks. The main reason is the large number of sites that Google does not like this kind of work, so it is always necessary to make better use to make up in search results.

This guy charges $ 11 for 1,000 followers on Twitter and can be found by those who seek nearly $ 20. The price must be imputed to engage developers in India who create fake accounts, so estimates that $ 6,000 of income makes a profit of $ 2,000.

According to the entrepreneurs, customers are people who are just beginning to build their careers celebrities and major corporations, joker, but these are generally small companies that do not want to be seen to have a small number of followers.
However, buying followers on social networks can be characterized as a waste of money. Social networks are still a cost effective marketing tool and the perfect place to communicate with consumers. Create a community around a brand is a long job, and if the money is invested in the fraudulent orders where there is no public make their message.

Companies like Twitter and Facebook will also shut down all the fake accounts that disclose a purchase or sale of Twitter accounts is a clear violation of the rules of the company.

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