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Teenager who has no memory – Memento

Teenager who has no memory – Memento

We all need to have and some people have reminders for daily tasks and events, birthdays, meetings or perhaps appointment doctors.  But Briton Ricky Dean leads we could safely say a very hard life. His memory problems. That’s how serious it is to be an all or remind myself that, from the most banal, things had to brush my teeth to it that has to eat. The reason for this is that all teenager Dean does not remember!  That’s why he earned the nickname ‘Memento’ as the eponymous character in the movie who lives surrounded lists and notes what must be done Dinu is vital to his mobile phone iPhone, which entitles him to appear in time with the company, for example when I go out with them.


Dean just no sense of time, and hard and recalls what happened in the past. At birth he was diagnosed with autism, and doctors do not yet have a name for his unusual condition. Although his life was hard, I mean his support of family and friends, told the Daily Mail Ricky. “My friends joke is to tell me that I was a week ago one of them borrowed money, and I’m not sure and I do not know, or did not, and gave them money.But I always have a list of everything I did so, so that you can check the status.




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