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The Shortest man in the world

The Shortest man in the world

Junrey Balawing will soon be crowned the smallest man in the world. A teenager from the Philippines is only 56 inches, and in the Guinness Book of Records will be able to enroll you in June this year turns 18

Balawing is 11 centimeters lower than the current smallest man in the world Khagendre Thapa Magar. Also, one inch lower than the lowest man in the world ever, Gul Mohammed of India, Like smokers who died at 40 age of the 1997th year. When the age of 18 Filipino will officially enter the Guinness World Records book and become the man of the lowest ever. “If I be the lowest man in the world it would be really cool,” said the young man from Zamboanga del Norte. Due to the low growth Filipino has many problems. It can not stand long and is completely dependent on his mother Concepcion. Can walk only with someone else’s help, and when you get too long standing pain.

“But he likes to tell him to be the smallest man in the world. We are proud to laugh,” said 35-year-old Conception, according to Britain’s Metro. She stated that she would like to find a job and work, but Junreyja not to leave the home. His brothers go to school, but he remains with his mother. Every moment he needs attention. “I first noticed that something was wrong with him when he was two years. But we did not know the doctors help. He was always sickly, and then we noticed it does not grow. The only advice was to take as many vitamins, but we told him we could not afford, “she told the mother. However, you will be proud to hear all of her son who will soon be declared the lowest man in the world ever.

Here you can read that these shortest people who are registered in the Guinness Book of Records…

Shortest men
India                  57 cm           Gul Mohammed
Philippines      59.93 cm    Junrey Balawing
Hungary           65 cm           István Tóth
Nepal                 67 cm           Khagendra Thapa Magar
Taiwan              67.5 cm       Lin Yü-chih
Colombia         70.21 cm     Edward Niño Hernández
China                  74 cm           He Pingping


Shortest woman
Netherlands     58 cm       Pauline Musters
India                   62.8 cm   Jyoti Amge
South Africa     65 cm       Madge Bester
Mexico               67 cm       Lucia Zarate
United States    69 cm       Bridgette Jordan
Turkey                 71 cm       Hatice Kocaman

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