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Woman pulls 2.5 tonne hearse using her hair

Woman pulls 2.5 tonne hearse using her hair

Woman from the circus Anastasia IV. all power, judging by the pictures and the video is in your hair, like Samoson. She’s able to with her ​​hair pulled item weighing up to 4 tons of weight. Soviets unusual ability she has shown announcing the new play “Circus of Horrors” that will take place this month across the UK. Anastasia is the owners of the Guinness World Records and, as a person who can pull the most hair burden.


The first record collapsed when the hair holding a person of 53 kilograms, which is hung beneath it. Pole Anastasia arrived in London to study biochemistry, but after watching the show Circus of horror, he immediately fell in love with this seam. “From that moment I knew I did not want to be a biochemist, but I wanted to get away from the circus. Applied and applied for a job and found them your superkosu” said the media’s Pole strong hair. Check out one of the videos where Anastasia pulls hair car of 2.5 tons full 20 meters!




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