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Amazing extreme sport Wingsuit flying

Amazing extreme sport Wingsuit flying

It is a large number of different extreme sports. In extreme sports include all sports, which contains a high degree of injury and death. For these sports must have proper equipment to be able to execute certain acrobatics. Despite the large number of extreme sports we have chosen to write something more about one called Wingsuit flying course for this extreme sport you can see a few photos with Wingsuit flying.

Wingsuit flying is an extreme sport where people body flying through the air drop. Wingsuit flying his final appearance gets 1990’s when flying dress costumes that have wings that are situated between arms and body fliers.

This add-on between hand and body enables flying change direction and the direction of movement. For each jump height should be appropriate to take off that allows flying has enough time to fly and parachute opens. Each jump Wingsuit flying ends with the opening of the parachute and landing on appropriate point.

Besides the photos at the end of this page you can see the best video Wingsuit flying.

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