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Brazil girl escaped train

Very dramatic scene that took place in Brazil, a young girl. This girl from the base is very lucky when found on a railway line at the time appeared to be the train that she approached high speed tried to escape but the wall was too high, and one police officer and other people helped her to get up and she ... Read More »

Weird and Funny Bus stop

The ideas and design of bus stations varies from state to state. Everyone is very aware that the most popular sport in Brazil football and therefore their individual bus stations are designed in the shape of a football goal. In Japan, the inspiration for the design of bus stop received from various fruits and vegetables such as lemon, strawberry, melon ... Read More »

Time for a good coffee

Coffee is the most popular drink that is used in all countries. Coffee is drunk in different ways and its appearance is different from the country in which you drink coffee. Here you can view some of the ideas seem to some unusual and interesting cup of coffee. Read More »