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Angry cat picture

  See photos of cats that are for some reason very angry. as humans and cats have moments when you are very hostile. Of course it all depends on the character of cats. All depends on the cat to cat some cats were phlegmatic and not annoying as in humans there are different characters on a cat. Read More »

BIZARRE – Woman Eats Cat Hair

This is a story about an American girl who eats and licks cat fur coat. TLC view on television is a show about people who have a strange addiction. Lisa from Detroit has a very strange and bizarre addiction she chew her hair cat. When asked the reason why your cats eat hair Lisa responded to eat their cat hair ... Read More »

Funny Cat tongue out

Here you can see what they look like cat with tongue out, some of these cats are very funny and amazing. Here you can see how cats use their tongue and how their tongue looks. Recognizing taste in cats must be quickly and accurately, because they can not chew food. Identifying tastes is necessary to determine the rotting food. Cat’s ... Read More »