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Amazing China Totems by Alain Delorme

New “Totems” series Alan Delorme pushing us into the core of contemporary China and its complexity. Under blue skies highly colored Shanghai, men carry the city unbelievable piles. These precarious columns made ​​of cardboard or chairs appear as new totems of a society in full transformation, both a factory for the world and a new El Dorado of the market ... Read More »

Incredible jump from space Felix Baumgartner with 120.000 ft (36.5km) LIVE

Roswell, New Mexico / BELGRADE – On Monday 8th October Austrian parachutist, pilot and more versatile than the astronaut Felix Baumgartner leap from special capsules from a height of 120.000 feet (36.5km) and freefall will reach a terminal speed of 1110 kilometers per hour, which will break down the “wall of sound”. Officially, the goal of the mission and Felix jump to collect new ... Read More »

Incredible superbus on the streets

Superbus is a new concept for sustainable mobility, which consists of a new vehicle, new type of dedicated infrastructure and new logistics. For this new concept, all of the intelligence and innovation is put into the vehicle, whereas the dedicated infrastructure, where the Superbus runs at 250 km/h, is made for relatively cheap concrete roads. Superbus is 15 meters long ... Read More »

Funny Hairstyles who smiled the whole world

It is difficult these days to be noticed. One way to be noticed is that you make yourself an unusual or funny hair. Here you have a popular, most amazing, funniest examples of hairstyles. These hairstyles have attracted great attention around the world. If you want to see you cut the whole world is incredible. Read More »