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Children at the landfill

Improvised swing, hanging from a pole, there would be nothing if it were not dangerous within a landfill located along the railway in Mumbai, India, including leachate and toxic fumes. It is not a game that of survival, but also in the midst of a huge garbage dump this baby is the desire to jump and play. Near the port of ... Read More »

School under the bridge in india

Every day is happening in the world of strange and curious things, but in India are becoming more common events that were amazing and very strange.  India is one of the strangest schools in the world at this school is unusual its location it is located under a big bridge. Photographer Altaf Qadri Associated Press found unusual school in New ... Read More »

96 years old indian man got a baby

Indian Ramajit Raghav again pips title of oldest dad at world.  This vital Indian got his son in 96 years.! Ramajit Raghav of Kharkhoda village. All who know  it is rare that someone has that same year, let alone think about posterity . However it happened on 5 Ramađžit October has become the world’s oldest dad gotten a son in 96th ... Read More »

Zion Chan Has the largest family in the world

Zion Chan on the head of the family which has 181 members, 39 women, 94 children, 14 daughters, 33 grandchildren, they all contribute to this family is the largest in the world. The largest family in the world lives in a house with four floors with 100 rooms it is located in a small village in the Indian state of ... Read More »