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Unusual friendship of man and the bears

Finn Sulo Karjalainen is a lonely man. He has company in its wilderness in rural Finland. In the native country knows him as “a bear.” You can see it in Kusama in Finland to be with a group of big bear spends wallowing in the snow, reading newspapers and cuddling with the behemoth. In one of the photos on one ... Read More »

Man eat and drink the weirdest things

Hello everyone get to know a man who eats Kris Shui eating and drinking very weird things. He is a man who is willing to not only unusual thing than a man who can eat and drink a lot in a short time. He eats and drinks pen, stones, silicon, waxed paint, shampoo, candles, toilet paper, cardboard boxes and a ... Read More »

Magneto Man

Unbelievable and amazing to see this man magnet, when I saw the headline in the newspaper I thought the superhero from the cartoon and the comic book hero. When I found the clip I saw was a man magnet that is not a super hero, but he is just beautiful all metal body that’s funny .. Read More »