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What happens if you tickle Meerkat

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like or what is more interesting as it sounds, the animal meerkat when tickled, you answer lies in this vido clip.¬†A few days ago on the YouTube service was released a short video meerkat who, like many people, when it begins hysterically tickled to laughs. Unusual¬†little animal in the video was tickled to ... Read More »

Maverick Meerkats Calendar 2013

After a grueling year, there was a burden for the rest Meerkats. While they were resting they were engaged in extreme sports and spent the day. Small mongoose their photos decided to put in the calendar for 2013. In this 2013 calendar Mischievous Meerkats put some extreme images. Here’s how to mongoose mountain climbers, ride snowboard on a very steep ... Read More »