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Dracula simia orchid with a monkey’s face

The Dracula Simia are a rare species of orchid that lives in the rainforest¬†of Peru and Ecuador, at 2000 meters above sea level. What makes them special is the recognizable face of a monkey in them, and the extremes reminiscent of Bram Stoker’s vampire teeth, from which they are named. They bloom at any time of the year, and their ... Read More »

Monkey Training Karate

This monkey¬†exercises karate with your teacher. On this training in karate discipline and shows great talent for martial arts such as karate. For learning karate takes a lot of effort and time you will see that this monkey fight for a few years is likely to be stronger than many people. Karate or Karatedo is a martial art originating from ... Read More »

Funny animals

Here you can find pictures Funny owls, cats, dogs, monkey, frog. These animals are very unusual and very funny. Animals constantly doing something unusual and funny every day we see an animal that does something unexpected. Read More »

Obese Animals in The World

Here you can see the most obese animals in the world and how they look when they do not care about nutrition, a fat monkey, large pigeons, and other obese animals. There is probably a good diet for animals, it would be nice to all these animals get their diet and lose weight. Read More »