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Amazing pink lake Hillier in Australia

Lake “Hiller” located on Middle Island in Western Australia. Middle Island is the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago, a group of about 105 islands. This unusual salt water lake is different from all the other lakes of the world because it is pink! This pink lake Hiller is edged with white salt and surrounded by ... Read More »

Gold rises on the eucalyptus tree

Australian researchers claim to have found an unusual way to find out if there is the presence of gold at great depths. And with the help of tiny marks on the leaves of eucalyptus wood. It is known that eucalyptus trees that grow in arid areas, and they need plenty of water and thus provide what their roots very deep in ... Read More »

Amazing Lasso slippers

These amazing slippers created by Gaspard Tine-Berès & Ruben Valensi. The Lasso team consists of two young Parisians. Gaspard is a product designer who recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, he is now working between London and Paris. Ruben is a student in business and marketing in Paris. Constructed from a single piece of wool felt, ... Read More »

Look like Christmas trees around the world

The most expensive Christmas tree The most expensive Christmas tree is located in the United Arab Emirates. The most expensive Christmas tree in the world is located in the Golden Hall “Emirates Palace”, the jewelry ovouj trees has a total value of 11.4 million dollars.  Tree the jewelry contains 181 diamond, sapphire, emerald and pearl 131 total piece of jewelry ... Read More »

Baby playing with a gorilla in her cage

The sight of 18-month baby in a cage with a gorilla would cause anxiety and fear in every viewer, however, one man quietly watched his daughter playing with animals. Father little tense, Damien Espinol, he discovered that his intention was to show the gorillas in the best light. He is the way, the owner of the that helps wild animals ... Read More »

10 Unknown Destinations

Sometimes, great places on Earth remain unvisited because of lack of publicity, unawareness or maybe just people’s ignorance.  That’s why a great vacation involves careful planning and documentation. Here are 10 great destinations which that are part of the UNESCO patrimony: The Goree Island, Senegal Once great center of slave trading on the African coast, this island which is not ... Read More »

Amazing marine fish

Seas and oceans are full of wildlife. The oceans also has a lot of different kinds of fish. We may be here to talk a little in the appearance of the fish that live at the bottom of oceans and seas. Read More »