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Small people in big city

This project little people on the street was built in 2006. For this art project required to obtain proper little people figures nice paint them to fit into the environment where we want to be photographed. The whole design where there are these little people is precisely designed to photography was interesting enough and realistic. These photos are small people, ... Read More »

Crazy and Funny wake up people

If you thought that you find it difficult to wake up, the experiences of these people will undeceive. In the footage you can see what it looks like standing up to the sound of firecrackers, with mousetraps on the ears or with a bunch of cans on it. Friends or partners certainly know how to surprise. The worst is when ... Read More »

Amazing pictures of people just a few feet from the boiling hot lava

Volcano is a geological form (usually mountains, but there are underwater volcanoes) where magma, pyroclastic materials and various gases and vapors coming to the surface of the Earth or another celestial body. On Earth, volcanoes often occur at the boundaries of tectonic plates, there are no volcanoes and bodies that do not have plate tectonics (Venus, Io) The name “volcano” ... Read More »

Girlfriend left him and he won the lottery $ 30 million!

As what people say who has no luck in love has cubes (maps). Way to literally and could tell the guy from out of town Hijanisa Massachusetts Sani Sandip Singh (22) . This young Hindu origin won the night before staggering 30.5 million dollars in lottery scratch-scratch and just a day after after the girl left him. The winning ticket ... Read More »

96 years old indian man got a baby

Indian Ramajit Raghav again pips title of oldest dad at world.  This vital Indian got his son in 96 years.! Ramajit Raghav of Kharkhoda village. All who know  it is rare that someone has that same year, let alone think about posterity . However it happened on 5 Ramađžit October has become the world’s oldest dad gotten a son in 96th ... Read More »

Baby playing with a gorilla in her cage

The sight of 18-month baby in a cage with a gorilla would cause anxiety and fear in every viewer, however, one man quietly watched his daughter playing with animals. Father little tense, Damien Espinol, he discovered that his intention was to show the gorillas in the best light. He is the way, the owner of the that helps wild animals ... Read More »