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Animals Hairstyles

This amazing hairstyle is created by Nagi Noda Japanese hairdresser, he created them for his new show. As you can see, these are very complicated and very interesting hairstyles that you yourself will not be able to do, for this Anime hairstyle, it takes time, a lot of experience with hair and must have a flair for art. Many people ... Read More »

Bizzare Pet Trends in China

The world we know is going crazy – I’m tellin’ you. Bizarre trends tend to surface here and there all the time. The latest bizzare trend comes from China where they dye their pets to look like a wild animals. Pet owners made their pets look like a tiger, lion or panda. Not sure why are they doing this but ... Read More »

Weird cat with two faces

Venus, a striking-looking cat with two different color eyes and fur that is divided right down the middle between black and ginger, has warmed hearts as her pictures go viral on Reddit, Facebook and in a YouTube video with more than 600,000 views. It’s a well-known superstition that cats have nine lives, but for one lucky puss its her two ... Read More »

My pets are giraffes

If you want to experience what it is when you giraffes pets you'll need to visit Nairobi hotel. It all morning giraffes rings on your door and is expected to call at breakfast. Read More »

Dogs and cats practicing yoga

All animals that find and gave them refuge with him served him as inspiration for this amazing idea. He photographed dogs and cats to practice yoga. For such an endeavor requires great patience and inspiration. Read More »

Animals Look Like The Celebrity

All people face on an animal or person on your pet, you have more with their pets are beginning to look like on your animal. Or perhaps someone you once I said to resemble a character from a cartoon. See pictures of celebrities on which resembles the look. Read More »