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Wacky totally right and to us is unbelievable ?! Alison Brooks (pictured rigt), who  married Alina Davis (pictured left). In fact, how is this possible in a country where Russia marriages between same-sex prohibited, while anti-gay violence is increasing, and homosexuality was declared a mental illness in 1999? … Simple …. 23-year-old Alina was born a man named Smitrij Kozhukov. ... Read More »

Perfect copy of a motorcycle made ​​of wood

Yuri Hvtisishvili, a carpenter from Russia, made a stunning beautiful wooden replica of the legendary Soviet IL-49 motorcycle. Its engine is a life-size model itself is so. Realistically done in wood that you at one point wanted to sit him turn it on and then rush to an unknown. The idea for this unusual project russian Yuri project came in 2014., ... Read More »

Russian girls kiss all women police officers

Russian group of street kiss all women police officers of course police officers were very surprised when the next term to create a girl with a little story goes to kiss, some female officers stood by and did not know what happens to them while some also used force to defend probably the fire baton. The girls who attacked a ... Read More »