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Sleeping in public transport in uncomfortable position

Do you happenĀ sometimes sleepless night after getting up early in the morning and go to work by bus, train, tram, the way to your workplace is very protracted and you fall asleep in your seat. After a few moments to wake up but it’s too late you’ve probably laughed all the people who were next to you. Here are pictures ... Read More »

Cats Sleeping In Strange Places

A lot of people in the world is kept in his house cat. Some cats are kept because mice love and some for the love of the animal. Cats can be very fun and they love to play with various objects. Cats can be fun and when they sleep they stillĀ find an unusual place for your break. Here you can ... Read More »

Funny Way And Place Of Sleep

Who knows why these people had to sleep in such places, they probably were on a break for lunch and the snoozing little. And of course when we sleep at home asleep with honey or a pet but do not sleep with the car or engine in the bed. It happens to fall asleep on the bus but can not ... Read More »