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Celebrity Tattoos by Chris Jones

Tattoo artist Chris Jones with his celebrity tattoo has sparked a lot of interest among people who like to tattoo his body. Great interest to people who want a tattoo face that looks like celebrity photos have caused quite a waiting list for a tattoo. Celebrity tattoo Chris Jones: Marilyn Monroe, Harry Potter, Anthony Hopkins, Gerard Butle.       Read More »

Celebrity tattoos

Tattoos are very popular in the last ten years, the art of the tattoo, which is many years . Tattooing is a need to be different and to show all of their attitudes or something else. Each has its own attitude why some tattooed tattoo for each course, each individual has a particular meaning. Like everyone else, and our famous ... Read More »

Drawing on the female body

The real question is who is more to enjoy in this, the one who draws or one on which the line. Of course here is not in the exercise but it is a direction in art. As the tattoo art that is the draw for body art. Read More »