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10 Amazing Hearts in Nature

An amazing collection of hearts that the very nature made​​. Nature itself bothered to world rule love and peace and not of hatred and violence. In nature you can find a very unusual and interesting things you just have to look around us and love is there somewhere, like the other if you want to and they love you love is ... Read More »

American in less than three minutes ate two pounds of meat

Molly Schuyler ate two pounds of beef for less than three minutes, setting a new record. Molly is 34 years old, mother of two children and lives in Nebraska. She has managed to set a new Guinness World Record after he ate two pounds of beef for two minutes and 44 seconds. The previous record for the same quantity of eaten ... Read More »

The loudest animal in the world

At the beginning you say that we as a people (relative to their size) occupy only the No. 10 measured with the loudest sound of 129 decibels. As far as the volume is loudest bat Bulldog bat in the world that people know. Read More »

Banana Art

A growing number of new ideas in the art world. Here’s how to make the perfect banana art. At the bananas with a needle peel the characters are celebrities. Read More »

Extreme Road

In the Chinese province of Hunan, there is an extremely tortuous path, which is also called the Way to Heaven. It begins 200 feet below sea level, in Dajong and ends at a dizzying 1300 meters above sea level, climbing up the mountain Tianmen. Read More »

Amazing marine fish

Seas and oceans are full of wildlife. The oceans also has a lot of different kinds of fish. We may be here to talk a little in the appearance of the fish that live at the bottom of oceans and seas. Read More »

Zion Chan Has the largest family in the world

Zion Chan on the head of the family which has 181 members, 39 women, 94 children, 14 daughters, 33 grandchildren, they all contribute to this family is the largest in the world. The largest family in the world lives in a house with four floors with 100 rooms it is located in a small village in the Indian state of ... Read More »

Baby smokes 40 cigarettes a day

Tong Liang is a baby who was given his first cigarette from his father at 18 months, his father believed that this will help him because of illness he had. He now is 6 years old and smoked 40 cigarettes a day. He is considered the youngest cigarette smokers in the world. Read More »