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10 Weird occupations, thankfully, no longer exist

10 Weird occupations, thankfully, no longer exist

The chaotic state of the market where the majority of young happy when she managed to do any work, it is our everyday life. What would you say if you like it if you do some of these jobs? For many of these rights is fortunate that no longer exist.

Setter skittle

Setter skittle

This job in a bowling alley are usually dealt with teenagers and was very poorly paid.

Live alarms

live alarms

Alarm clocks were practically living alarms, whose job it was, as the word says, to be your customers. These are usually done banging on doors and windows.

Cutter ice

cutter ice

Their job was that, when the lake freezes over, large saws to cut the pieces and teach them the supplier of ice.

Unusual historical radar

unusual historical radar

Thanks to this make a soldier could hear when the enemy aircraft approaching and to warn their comrades.

Mouse catcher

Mouse catcher

These fighters were tasked to hunt mice in order to keep their numbers under control, thus preventing the spread of disease. Job was not easy, especially because of the bite that often occurred.



Before the advent of electricity, lanterns on the street were burnt by hand, and it is the job of lamplighter.

The milkman

The milkman

At a time when there were no refrigerators that we have today, fresh cold milk brought the hostess at the door.

Operator in the central

operator in the central



In the 19th century medical schools had the necessary bodies to study anatomy, as is the case today, so they had to make do, and thieves are stealing corpses of their remains from their graves.

Doctor factory

doctor factory

Business lecturers at the factory was to sit all day with the staff and read them to keep them entertained.

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